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Air Navigation

Air Navigation Pro is a high quality GPS navigation application for VFR pilots of different kind of aircrafts like airplanes and helicopters, but also very useful for hot air ballooners and paragliders. It combines the following, all in one application: flight planning, real-time aircraft moving map navigation, 3D synthetic vision, traffic awareness, terrain awareness, charts, plates, waypoints, airspaces and obstacles databases. Air Navigation Pro simulates real aircraft instruments (e.g. HSI, VOR, ADF, ground speedometer, altimeter and compass) by gathering information from GPS and other internal and external sensors.   We frequently update the application with new features and tools and work hard to monthly update the waypoints and air spaces databases. By creating an account on you are able to purchase different kind of maps and VFR charts, Approach Charts and 3D data from countries all over the world. The application is available in multiple languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Russian).