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Cash Sentinel – A great App to buy or sell your Car

CashSentinel provides a simple, safe and mobile system to buy or sell vehicles. It prevents buyers and sellers to carry unsafe amount of cash and offers them a secured escrow service enabling purchasing and selling second-hand vehicles via mobile phone.

Security framework and iOS App Development

CashSentinel was looking for iOS experts that could deliver a great app but could also act as consultants to review specifications and improve them to match CashSentinel needs. Building the iOS app was not a trivial project: it required extra care to provide security standards similar to those of the Swiss banking industry. For the mobile app this is achieved through the integration of a highly secured framework, called Sysmosoft Sense. This Swiss solution protects company data through various security mechanisms such as: key management, encryption, strong authentication, dedicated cryptographic libraries and much more. Thanks to its flexibility and level of expertise Xample was able to face this challenge and deliver the CashSentinel app, working within a timeframe and on a budget.