Air Navigation Pro Package Subscriptions for iOS

Learn about the benefits of our country package subscriptions

The Air Navigation Pro team is really excited to offer you our new package subscriptions. It’s the best and easiest way to get the dataset you need. We know you are wondering what it is all about and why we are so excited about it. So, let’s answer some questions so you understand what it means for you and how it can better help you fly safely.

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CHF 19.90*/year

Switzerland Standard

CHF 105*/year

Switzerland Premium

CHF 140*/year

* App Store prices are subject to the discretion of Apple.

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Why do I need a Package?

The package allows you to get started with Air Navigation Pro immediately. It is the perfect dataset you need to fly safely with the relevant maps and approach charts you need. With this package, your dataset is always up to date so you don't have to worry about having the latest information. Another advantage is that it makes it simple for you to take off without having to explore all the available maps and charts from the Air Navigation Pro Store.

What's included in a Package?

The Essential subscription offers access to the aeronautical database monthly updates.
Standard subscription gives access to the ICAO chart and approach charts of your country. You also get Elevation data and FREE access to the Aeronautical database.
The Premium subscription offers on top of the Standard subscription contents , a discounted access to the Streets and Places Search. For Switzerland it also gives you access to the Obstacles Database.
Essential gives you access to the Aeronautical Database, on top of which you can purchase pay-per-product items from the store. Standard is designed for most pilots out there, while Premium is targeted for the most demanding users.

Why are you changing from the current model to a package subscription?

We listened to our customers feedback, and we created the subscription services to simply make it easier for you to fly. We studied what dataset most pilots use and created packages based on those needs. By moving from a product base to a subscription model, we give you discounted rates so it is more affordable for you to fly with a package instead of purchasing individual items from the store.

Can I change or cancel my package subscription? What if I already have the Essential (Aeronautical subscription)?

You can subscribe via the following platforms: Air Navigation Services, Apple App Store or soon via the Google Play Store, and you can easily upgrade your subscription with a few clicks. This way you keep control of your subscription and are able to adjust it to suit your needs. Note that once you start subscribing via a platform (Services, Apple or Google), you can only manage your subscription via this same platform. (For example, if you subscribe to Standard via the App Store, you must manage your subscription also via the App Store).
If you already have a valid subscription to the Aeronautical database, this will be taken into account when you decide to purchase a package and you will only pay the difference.
You are free to cancel your subscription at any time. It will take effect after the current subscription ends. No refunds possible.

I already have all the products I need. Why would I want to change to a package subscription and how do I choose the right one for me?

No one knows better what you need as a pilot to fly safely and with confidence. The packages provides options that make it easy to get the things most pilots would need to start flying. Packages give you reduced prices as well, compare to pay-per-product items. Review the packages to see which one suits your needs. Remember that if you need something extra, you can easily combine the advantage of the package with individual items by making a simple product purchase on the Air Navigation Store.


We built Air Navigation pro packages because we believe pilots should always be flying with the safest and most accurate aeronautical dataset possible. Flying with a set of VFR charts needs to be beautifully simple, but it also needs to provide you with the adequate data you need for a better flying experience.

You need Maps and Charts that will help you find your way in the air and display the exact data you need at all times and for every situation.

Air Navigation Pro packages is an investment on your flying experience that build valuable advantages: Seamless, Situation awareness, Usability, Responsiveness.

We set our discounted pricing at a level that lets us grow with you as you fly. So we too can continuously improve and innovate, while fulfilling our goal of providing every pilot with the best assistant possible.